Ontario’s Plan to Build (2022 Budget)

Premier Ford and Sheref Sabawy sign a copy of Ontario's 2022 Budget.

2022 Budget supports a plan for better jobs and bigger paycheques, building highways, transit and hospitals, and lower costs for families in Mississauga.

TORONTO — Today, Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy released the 2022 Budget. Ontario’s Plan to Build has five pillars:

  1. Rebuilding Ontario’s Economy
  2. Working for Workers
  3. Building Highways and Key Infrastructure
  4. Keeping Costs Down
  5. A Plan to Stay Open

The government’s plan will seize the opportunities in critical minerals, batteries and electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturing, help deliver better jobs and bigger paycheques for workers, help keep costs down for families, and get shovels in the ground for highways, transit, hospitals and other key infrastructure. Supported by a plan to stay open, the government is building Ontario.

“The people of Ontario deserve a government that has a real plan to build,” said Minister Bethlenfalvy. “Our government’s Budget is Premier Ford’s vision and our plan to cut through the excuses and act right away on the priorities of the people of Ontario.”

The 2022 Budget continues the government’s track record of strong fiscal management. The plan includes increases to base program spending at an average annual rate of about five per cent over the next three years. The Budget also presents a recovery plan that will eliminate Ontario’s deficit two years earlier than projected in the 2021 Budget. It also includes investments to support people and jobs in Mississauga, including:

  • Reducing the Cost of Taking Transit: The government is eliminating double fares for MiWay local transit users when using GO Transit services. This means that a Mississauga adult who commutes back and forth using MiWay and GO Transit three days a week could save $250 annually on transit expenses.
  • Investing in Mississauga Hospitals: Ontario will build a new, state-of-the-art Mississauga hospital and expand the Queensway Health Centre, both of which are part of Trillium Health Partners. The new Mississauga Hospital is anticipated to add up to 26 new operating rooms and over 350 new hospital beds to become one of the largest emergency departments in Ontario.
  • Building Highway 413: A new 400-series highway and transit corridor across Halton, Peel and York Regions. Drivers travelling the full length of the highway will save up to 30 minutes, getting back up to five hours more per week to spend with friends and family.
  • Funding the Hazel McCallion Line (Hurontario LRT): By 2025, the newly constructed Hurontario Line LRT will serve 19 stops across Mississauga and Brampton, saving families time on their commutes.

“Our government has a plan, and that plan is working,” said MPP Sheref Sabawy. “But the work is not over, and the job is not done. We are ready to get it done for the people of Mississauga.”