Member’s Statement: Tribute to Hazel McCallion

Monday, March 06, 2023

TORONTO — Sheref Sabawy, Member of Provincial Parliament for Mississauga—Erin Mills made the following statement before the Ontario Legislature:

“On January 29th, Mississauga residents, and Ontarians throughout the province, were devastated to learn of the passing of our beloved former mayor Hazel McCallion. She was a selfless and humble public servant, a fearless leader, a wise mentor, and a good friend to me.

“When Hazel McCallion was elected mayor in 1978, the vast majority of our riding of Erin-Mills was farmland. Over the subsequent 36 years, the great Hurricane Hazel oversaw a mass transformation of the city of Mississauga. She built homes and hospitals. She supported businesses and local communities. And as a member of the Coptic and Egyptian community, I would like to thank her for her tremendous support to all communities in Mississauga.

“And she never gave up on her vision for a bigger and better city. Even during her last weeks, Hazel McCallion was a fierce advocate for Ontarians, publicly supporting this government’s housing plan.

“On Thursday, I attended an announcement at the Credit Valley Hospital in my riding, the same hospital that Hazel opened in 1985. We were there to celebrate a $75 Million donation. Thank you to Blair Wolk and the Orlando Corporation for supporting our vision of an accessible healthcare system.

“We owe it to mayor McCallion’s legacy to continue following in her footsteps: Investing in transit infrastructure such as the Hazel McCallion Line. Supporting the construction of more homes. Attracting investments and businesses. And taking meaningful action to make life easier and more affordable to all Ontarians.

“On behalf of my constituents in Mississauga—Erin Mills, I would like to thank the late Hazel McCallion for her enduring services to our community.”